Life’s financial details. All in one place for your loved ones.

LIFEbook CoverIf your family is like most, there is one person who holds all the knowledge regarding household administration, finances, and insurance while the other is happily in the dark about these things.

Completing a LIFEbook with us will help ensure that you or your loved ones can easily access important information if and when you need it.

The format of the LIFEbook essentially provides your family with guidance and prompting for what pieces you may be missing when you are filling it out. Once it’s complete,  you and your loved ones will have everything you need at your fingertips.

Your LIFEbook includes all the information you or your loved ones need including:

  • Personal Accounts and Professional Contacts
  • Goals and Plans
  • Personal, Home, Car and Group Insurance Details
  • Investment Details
  • Banking Details
  • Real Estate Details
  • Government Benefits and Taxes

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