Advisor Assistant, Roxanne Wiebe

P: (780) 533-3456 ext. 102

Q: What do you love most about being part of the Plan-It team?
A: I love being part of a small team. It makes it really easy to get to know everyone on a more personal level.

Q: What qualities of yours makes you best suited to do what you do?
A: I would say that I am quite organized which helps when there is a lot on the go and I like to take on new challenges.

Q: What do you love to do outside of work?
A: I enjoy the outdoors a lot. In the summertime, I like to go camping or hiking and during the winter months I enjoy snowboarding. I really just like to explore new places whether they are near or far.

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t working with Plan-It?
A: If I wasn’t working with Plan-It, I would probably start my own sewing business making quilts. I would want it to be a charity where some of the proceeds would go to woman and children in need.

Q: What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?
A: I served as an overseas missionary for one and a half years. It was incredibly challenging but I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Q: If you could possess one super power, what would it be and why?
A: I have always wished that I could fly. Say goodbye to expensive plane tickets!

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